Sothern Community Hospice

Southern Community Hospice is a non profit organisation that has been proudly serving to the Farmville community of North Carolina. With years of experience and numerous volunteers helping us out we are able to take care of our patients to perfection.

In order to care for our patients in the best way possible and be up to date on the latest rules, we're also currently exploring HIPAA compliant hosting. To learn more about this change and why it's important, check out WebHostingProf at this URL: Just know that we take HIPAA seriously and want the best for our hospice residents!

As a community hospice centre we believe in providing our partners with only the best possible medical aid that they might require. Our in-patient facility will not only help you overcome a life limiting illness but will also give you the zeal to live and fight with the illness with hundred percent positivity.

Apart from this our facility is located in a peaceful neighborhood which makes it possible for you to enjoy the outdoor views and surrounding while recovering from the illness. Along with this our staff is also very friendly and they make sure that every patient is given proper care during the course of their stay.

We as a inpatient facility also accept donations and voluntary service from our community partners to make it possible for them to help in this noble cause. If you too are looking to get in touch with us for either offering your service or regarding the details of how to avail our service then you can contact us through our website.  

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